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Sorry took me a while to reply as I was on a cub scout campout and then a hunting trip.

I'm interested in the card stock idea. Kind of like a poor mans glass bedding? is there a recommended procedure for creating the template for these?

I actually read some place about sheet metal bedding in lieu of glass bedding and, having an automotive shop in my garage, i was thinking about using my sheet metal brake to make some very thin shims to tighten up fit. Since its a new gun its really pretty tight anyway, but thinking about this down the line. Has anyone made metal shims/bedding like this?

Have already found the gas tube shims at brownells, have a one piece stainless cleaning rod picked out, and a rod guide (i also saves a 12 ga hull from my dove hunting trip... as a temporary rod guide). Will look into getting the national match spring guide. Also i have a gas tube wrench picked out for when my gun gets to where it needs the gas piston cleaned.

In terms of how it shoots, has only been to range once. Focus was on inital alignment of scope. It shot bullseye at 50 yards. Moved to 100 yards, and frankly the gun just shoots better than i do. I did have some nice groups a couple times, but I'm too used to 5.56 w virtually no recoil, and my AR has a 3 pound trigger... so between my newness to the platform, the higher recoil, the slightly heavier trigger, and really being more focused on trying to get it sighted in, i didn't really shoot it that well.

On another note, i did give the stock another drink of boiled linseed oil and after wiping of the excess the richness of the walnut is really coming out. I am also strongly considering getting the SA walnut handguard ( I do not mind the Garand look).
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