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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
I like the advice given so far. I'll try not to post more of the same. (I'll fail a bit!)

Two suggestions: S&B brass seems to be quality brass but those crazy folks make super-slim primer pockets making them a royal PITA to re-prime. In 9mm, where brass is plentiful, easy to find and cheap, I would simply not waste my time with S&B brass, but your mileage may vary.
I think I only have about 10-20 S&B cases. I have mostly Federal since that's what factory ammo I shoot. I mean ya can't go wrong for $10/box locally. The S&B was range pick up. I wasn't too sure on the quality, so that's why I used that stuff for my dummy rounds to set dies and use to ask questions, before I move to live rounds.
Thanks for the heads up on the S&B. I also sort my brass by headstamp.

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