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280Rem the other 7mm

The 280Rem is probably the most overlooked 7mm round that is available to the American hunter. This round has the shoulder moved forwarded .051" so It cannot be mistakenly chambered in either 30/06 or the 270, as a result of the shoulder being moved forward it will hold several grains more powder than the 270 or the 30/06. Since this caliber is more often found in an auto rifle it is loaded down and provides similar ballistics as the 270/30/06 chambering at lower pressure to accomadate the auto action. In a modern bolt action rifle this round can be loaded to its full potential and is every bit the equal and usually surpasses the 270 when loaded to equal pressures. With that said I have two rifles in this caliber, a Ruger M77 Hawkeye in SS/Syn stock that is a tack driver (less than 1" consistently) when loaded with Nosler SP Solid bases bullets and 54grs of H4831. My second 280Rem is a Winchester Model 70 Featherweight built in South Carolina that shoots 1" groups, not quite as small as the Ruger but perfectly adequet out to 300yds. I like all my rifles or I wouldn't have them, these two rifles rate as my favorites, usually I will have one or the other when hunting! William
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