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What I'm wondering about the American is if it will be a durable, long-wearing gun - will it hold up to 20 seasons of hunting (or 20 years in the safe as an inexpensive, just-in-case gun)?
Cus it's a brand new design know one will really know for a while . The only concern I really have is the bedding system . Over a longer period of time and a few thousand rounds . Will those stainlees steel blocks get loose in the stock . How ever if you plan is to put less then a thousound rounds through it for the life of the gun I think your good to go .

this may be shaping up to be one of those products that the experts will look at like a calf at a new gate, but that intrepid souls will buy and reap the benefits of getting in on the ground floor of a line that slowly and steadily gains acceptance and increased value.
IMO this is where we are headed . I sure hope so . After market parts ( stocks , barrels ) in the future would be great
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