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Originally Posted by StukaJU87 View Post
I'm guessing because, for what most people use them for, a sub $300 firearm is a lot more practical financially then a $500+ that will do the same thing. Sure everybody wants the best. The sad reality is that only a few can afford it. The rest of us have two choices: 1. Do without. 2. Buy generic and hope it's good enough.

Now if you are looking for collector or heirloom value, you wouldn't be looking at "Made in China" in the first place.
I agree. When I moved to Vermont, I wanted a shotgun for HD. Unfortunately, I only knew about Dick's Sporting Goods and worse yet, I only had $200 to spend.
I bought the Pardner Pump just to at least have something in the house.
It was also my first long gun ever, oh well, live and learn.
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