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For the OP's purpose, the M1 Carbine is "better" than the 9mm or .45 ACP, also offering the same or better "firepower" while outranging those rounds. (Thompson gunners would call "even" a carbine guy over to take out "that sniper in yonder palm tree" they were having trouble with--if an even better Garand wasn't handy). Among the above, the .30 Carbine is closest to. .357, but like the comments about 9/.45, I wouldn't get one specifically to hunt for anything larger than varmints or as a pest'er, only if you had to for "survival." "Yes you can" doesn't mean "yes you should," the .30 Carbine is great, but for hunting, the .357 trumps it due to heavier/better bullet selection, related downrange energy "within its effectice range," and the slightly bigger hole it creates. I'll +1 a .357 or better yet .44 Mag lever, especially for the hogs--again among the calibers mentioned and within the "pistol" caliber theme of the thread.

Not a "pistol" round, but I'd pick a .30-30 over any of them if not only hog but deer was possibly on the menu past the above guns' 75-125 yd effective "hunting" range
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