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Thanks all!

I will definitely pull them to see if they are marked. I don't yet have a bullet puller, but as soon as the next billing cycle on my credit card comes I will order the rest of the stuff I need.

Thanks for the powder suggestions. Power pistol and W231 were 2 of my main choices so far. Primers aren't too big of an issue, I'll use what brand I can get, there seems to be a shortage on small pistol primers locally.

There are a few different bullets I'd like to try and a few factory loads I want to replicate, but that will come in time. I'll stick to 115gr for now as that is what I know.

Noylj- only reason I'm stuck to 115gr is that is what seems to be the cheapest, and since I shoot on my grandparents farm, there's less lead and copper going into the berm. I do prefer the 124gr, in particular Winchester's 9mm NATO loading-it's dead nuts accurate in my pistol, a load I want to duplicate. Much of what you said about COL I already know, thanks to my mentor, and it's a good thing to hear it from another experienced hand loader-they say repetition is key. I will only load 10 to start and make sure everything is kosher. I'll branch out on the COL once I gain more experience, but for now that 1.150" is my starting point.

Gerry- Thanks, I know that factory rounds are meant to work in all guns. With reloading come a higher level of precision tuning of firearm and ammunition, which is one reason to do it. All 5 of my loads for my 7mm Rem Mag were chamber seated, then seated a few thousandths of an inch deeper, and they all have a different COL. I'm not used to working with a semi-auto, however, That's why I'm using a "factory" COL to start. I want to get comfortable with this cartridge before I start tweaking things such as COL, or brand/type of bullet, different powders, etc. I will tweak the powder weight to find a charge weight that my pistol likes.

Once again I think I covered everything I wanted to.

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