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I'm a relative noob compared to many here, but I've always believed it works both ways. That is, scopes improve iron sight shooting and vice versa. However, I do believe iron sight shooting contributes more to shooting skill than sights.

A recent experience is with a young boy I'm teaching to shoot. I have two Marlin 795s. One has a scope and one has Tech Sights. He loves to shoot with the scope - "It's cool." But I set him up to shoot with a sling and the iron sights and the groups were significantly better than when he shot off bags with a scope. Of course there are many things that could account for the difference, but...

As a result of that observation I ordered a second set of Tech Sights. They just arrived and the scope is coming off the second Marlin. I'm thinking scopes add another layer of details, beyond fundamentals, that a new shooter need not deal with and that actually detract from their focus on the fundamentals.


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