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It is frustrating for some that the H&R Pardner Pump is such a good value and factory serviced by Remington. The Stevens 320 and Hawk shotguns are great deals as well. Rather than provide the OP with an a answer we get cry-baby responses. To answer the question, the Pardner Pump is an 870 clone and all parts will interchange with the exception of the barrel and the receiver is different. Some of the whiners have Glocks, computers, TVs etc not made in the USA. Mine was an exceptional value and my rather large LGS recommended it to me when I had a $200 credit and told me they never gets returns and had sold hundreds. Once again, here are 10 5/5 star reviews from LEOs who actually have the Pardner Pump and use it from Police Link web site. And BTW, unlike the whiners, they actually own the Pardner Pumps and use them.
For me, I will continue to go with the Mossberg 500 as I feel it is the best value for me.
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