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I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of the 22wmr, but I do like and respect it. When I first bought my six inch Ruger Single Six, it was because of the inter-changeable nature of going from .22lr to .22wmr whenever I wanted that got me interested. Granted, I don't shoot .22wmr much at all due to the costs, but I like having it there.

About 15 years ago when I was living in CT, I visited my parents in MA. The Ruger was one of the guns I had left my Dad for HD. It was one of the few guns he could fire with his arthritic hands. Anyway, this was the year the state saw record rain and there was serious flooding in the city, with some reports of looting. We had to leave all the doors open in order to allow the hose from the sump pumps to lead out into the drains. I kept that Ruger stoked with 40gr .22wmr JHPs and by my side entire night as I slept and guarded the entrances. Although I wish I had one of my 1911s, the .22wmr filled the role when I needed it too.
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