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Using a Hornady and RCBS powder measure on a Dillon 550B?

After a few months of total furstration with a Hornady L-N-L progressive press that I am unable to get running reliably, I am giving up on it and I will buy a new Dillon 550B.

Can I use the Hornady powder measure on a Dillon 550B? Apparently, Dillons come with a powder measure but many users have separate powder measures for each caliber they load.

I also have a RCBS powder measure. Can I use this on a Dillon 550B too?

The factory powder measure that comes with the Dillon 550B has a built-in case bell expander and the Hornady and RCBS powder measures do not. The Dillon is a 4 stage press, so if I use the Hornady and RCBS powder measures without any case bell expanders, I would need to have to do the bullet seating and case crimping in one station which should not present an issue; right?

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