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If the 22 magnum is what you want (ammo being higher as you know and all that).

You cannot go wrong with a 48 or 18.
Colt .22 Magnum OMMs are too pricey and hard to find to be realistic and the .22LR Troopers are headed that way as well.
Never owned any of the MKIIIs. They are available in 4, 6, and 8" in both LR and magnum with rising values on them also though.

I have had both two 6" 48s and two 6" 17s over the years that were all great shooters.

6" barrels on a belt holster are just a bit awkward in a rig while out roaming around though.

I currently have a 4" model 48 and and a Model 18 and am hanging on to these. Shooting the old school W-W FMJs or the HPs, the 48 will shoot under 2" groups consistently at 25yds. The 18 will do better with quality SV ammo. I use Wolf and Eley Sport.
It will surprise you how well these guns let you stay in the game shooting DA as well.
Both only hold six in the wheel though. That's good enough for me.

Using multiple speedloaders (I keep six for each gun) to facilitate loading without the fumbling of the rounds makes for more enjoyable shooting with less downtime.

Can't speak to the newer versions, but Smith & Wesson made very nice quality rimfires thru the mid 70s at least.
Lemons are few and far between.

I would think that any quality handgun like a 48 or an 18 being shot and cared for would hold it's value pretty well.

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