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I have and hunt with a 30-30 AI in a Contender handgun. I use the spitzer bullets in most of my loads with it. I am however only shooting the 150gr weights.

That said a co-worker of mine has an older bolt action 30-30 and I loaded up some rounds with him once upon a time. We again used the 150's and they worked out great.

As for downloading the 308 and 30-06, simply go to Hodgdon's web site and look up their reduced loads, might be listed as "Youth Loads". There you will find the info on dropping the powder charges down using H-4895 to get loads which actually will be at or below the standard 30-30 velocity. Most of the listed loads use a light weight bullet, however if you read the instructions you will find that the same principal used for the light weights can be applied to any load they list using H-4895. In other words if they list the powder with ANY bullet weight in either caliber, you can drop the load according to their instructions.

I have used plenty of 30-30 bullets in reduced loads through my .308 for hunting hogs up close and personal in the thick stuff like was mentioned above. I have also used the reduced loads when my grandson decided at age 3 he wanted to get in on the hog hunting. It took the summer of practicing, but he was hard headed enough to get the job done, and hasn't slowed down since.

This one he got using my old 25-06 and full power loads, then told my daughter she was going to have to find her a new rifle ......I bout fell over laughin at her.
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