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Glad that your family is okay, MLeake. In the area I patrol, we have a certifiable over-abundance of Bambi. However, we lose more deer to Chevys and Fords than we ever will to Remingtons and Rugers. I recall two deer/car collisions in particular that I responded to. In the first, the driver had just dropped off his wife at work and wasn't even 300 yards from her workplace. He hit the large doe head on, and the deer went right through his windshield. She landed, dead, in the front passenger seat...where the man's wife had been sitting only moments before. In the other one, I arrived on scene after a Ford Explorer had slammed into a good sized buck at about 55 mph. The deer looked as though he'd had a grenade go off inside of him; he was literally spread out over 150 feet of road from the point of impact. Amazingly, the Ford had not one scratch or dent. In fact, the only sign that it had hit a deer was the fur caught in the front grille. In both of these incidents, there were no human injuries involved, which is always a good thing...but, frankly, I wish that bow hunting would be allowed in the city would make my job a lot easier.
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