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The .22 Magnum can make a pretty impressive wound.
When the .22 Magnum came up in a conversation an aquaintance said he had been shot in the leg with a High Standard .22 Deringer by a guy he owed money to and pulled up his pants leg to show us the scars.
The bullet had made a small hole on his calf then passed through the leg bone, and the scar on the front of his leg was the size of a silver dollar and somewhat sunken in, and from the look of it the flesh had been macerated.
They probably had to cut out a lot of torn up muscle and maybe bone splinters.
This was a very large individual, legs like tree trunks as they say. On a average size leg the wound would have much worse.
He had been shot from quite a distance, so far that he at first didn't see that the man had a gun. I suspect the shooter was aiming at his back.
So even from a very short barrel and at a distance the .22 Magnum can maintain a good head of steam.

At one time the U S military field tested a .22 Magnum belt fed machinegun for guarding checkpoints and gates in Vietnam.
From photos these were watercooled and about the size of a 1917 Browning. IIRC rate of fire was over 2,000 RPM.

A double barreled handheld .22 Magnum full auto with integral suppressors was also tested.

The CIA had a number of Walther PPK pistols in .22 LR converted to use a specialized cartridge based on the .22 Magnum.
I don't know the dimensions but I expect the cases were shortened so the cartridge would feed from the standard magazine.
They chose the .22 Mag case because at the time you could order empty primed cases for makingyour own taylored handloads.
They wanted a fairly heavy bullet at a subsonic velocity and wanted to be able to alter bullets for special purposes such as explosive bullets or bullets containing nerve toxins.

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