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From what I've learned on here and doing some research, I found out these were only imported in 1993. These were imported into the US from the Izhmach factory in Russia to three companies in the US. Big Bear Arms, B-West (what this one is), and Century Arms International.
Lots of info here

This gun is the Tiger Dragunov which is based off the SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle. The Tiger was sold in the US as a medium to large game hunting rifle. The main differences are that the SVD has a 24inch barrel, the Tiger has a 20. The SVD has a 1,000 meter iron sight, the Tiger has a 300 meter iron sight. The Tiger came with a wood thumbhole stock and composite hand guard. The older SVD's were all wood and the new ones are all composite. Besides that, they are the same gun. The Tiger even comes with the same Russian Millitary Sniper Scope that the SVD uses. Mine is the PSO-1M2. There is the PSO-1 and POSP and some others. The SVD comes with a 10 round mag, Tiger has 5.

But the cool thing is, you can get all the SVD parts for the Tiger. Expensive and hard to find but cool. I think you can even get the 24 inch barrel. I'm keeping the stock barrel. I eventually plan on getting the SVD wood stock set, SVD flash hider, 10 round mags and the 1,000 meter iron sight.

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