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Okay, first of all, how do you get the quotes into a box?
When you reply, there is a button just above where you type your reply, looks like a text bubble from a comic strip. "Wrap {quote} tags around selected text"

What I was trying to say here is modern rifles are to me boring.
I don't know that I would say boring, but to me the older stuff has a lot more character. I stand by my comments in this thread.

I like that 1/4 acre of barrel and stock sticking out there along with the additional twist for what thats worth. That is a nice piece though.
I thought long and hard between one of those, and a ex-Brazilian VZ24. I was wanting a 7X57 short-ish rifle with a bent bolt, and chose poorly.

A bigger advantage, particularly if you are going to use iron sights is the longer sight radius. Makes the sight alignment a little easier.
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