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I need to order some ammo online, prices aren't too bad. I could only find it at Gander Mountain here in town. $12.99 for 20 Brown Bear 174 grain. Pricey but I wanted to shoot this thing. 10 inch target @100 yard, was getting an average of 3 of of 5 in the black. Hit right next to bullseye a total of three times. Right now, aiming lower left on the target so it does need some more adjustment. Its probably best to stay away from corrosive ammo correct? I find it odd that you have to take the safety off to load a round. Trigger is smooth but has some poundage on it, not sure what the trigger pull is. Only shot from the bench, kinda heavy to hold, well, compared to my 15-22 at least. Would love to take it hunting, Double Tap has some cool looking ammo. Oh, when cleaning, how often does the gas block/piston and that stuff have to be cleaned?

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