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Originally Posted by medalguy
I still pick it up whenever I find it. I reloaded about 15,000 rounds of 9 last year, and shot most of that. Good winter project.

Another good use for it, as mentioned, is to supply those who don't have access to brass. I have sent several flat rate boxes full to new shooters or reloaders to help them get started. Try listing it in a Pay It Forward thread and see how many guys jump on it.
That is another good use of it. Even if you might not use it, it'd be good to pass along to a buddy or to somebody just starting out who needs brass. I had somebody send me 1,500 .45 ACP cases when I was just getting started. Another gifted me 3k .40 S&W cases when I started loading for it. I payed it forward by putting together a package for a new reloader with a manual, brass, bullets, powder and primers (along with loaning him my dies) to get him going. Even if you can't use it, if it's just going to sit out there on the ground at the range, you might as well pick it up and get it to somebody who would appreciate it.
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