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I had little positive to say re the .22 mag till I came into my Dad's 6" +/- barreled Single 6. Dad always used the .22 lr cylinder, but the mag cylinder was unused. As I had all the .22lr I needed in a Bearcat and a MkII semi, as a novelty more than anything else, I put in the mag cylinder and had at it.

From the longer barrel of the Single 6, the mag shows much more performance on pests than .22 lr out of the MkII or Bearcat. It shoots a good bit flatter too, useful on larger targets past 50. I can't shoot well enough to hit anything to small past 50 anymore. The load the 6 likes best is the old standard Win 40 JHP. It also shoots the FMJ version to same POI, but I don't use that load for anything.

The .22mag is too expensive to shoot as a plinker, but its improved punch over std .22lr has won me over as a field gun.
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