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I can shoot right handed I have been for a few years know as thats how I trained. I see better out my left eye but can see ok with my right. When I shoot pistols im right handed but left eye.
Sounds as if you are left eye dominant .... check that*. If so, shoot left handed, so as to line up your dominant eye to sight line (scope or sights).

Have you considered a single shot rifle like a Ruger no. 1??
He's looking for a low cost rifle..... MSRP for a Ruger No. 1 is 2-3X what he is wanting to spend.

* One of two methods:

1) Point your finger (arm extended, finger at eye level) at an object across the room, such as a clock on the wall. Without moving your finger close one eye, then the other. If your finger appears to move off the target object when you close an eye, then that is your dominant eye.

2) Get a buddy and stand facing each other across a room (10-15 feet apart).

1.Extend your arms in front of you with your palms facing away.

Bring your hands together, forming a small hole by crossing the thumbs and fore fingers.

3. Bring your hand s up and focus on your buddy's nose through the hole between your hands.

4. Your buddy can see your dominant eye through the hole between your hands.
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