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I have been impressed by the 38/357 Rossi with a 16" barrel I recently purchased. With little effort and some different springs you can do an action job which makes it about as smooth as any other lever gun. There never was any roughness even when new. I also lightened the trigger pull considerably. Btw the trigger pull was nice and crisp with very little over travel. This gun will shoot 1 1/16" and 1 1/4" groups with 2 different bullets at 50 yards and with older eyes and iron sights. It didn't take but a few different loads to try to get what I consider satisfactory accuracy.

I've only taken it out 4 times and functioning is perfect. I tried some SWC loads for the heck of it and it stumbled a bit but usually fed them. Other bullets not a single issue feeding. I have used Remington 125gr jhp, Zero 125 gr jhp and Speer 125gr tmj bullets.

The fit and finish is good with wood to metal. The quality of the parts fit is good with no slop. The wood on the stock is stained. I used a museum quality wax which removed some stain and lightened the color. You can see the grain of the wood and it looks much better.

I've read you need to look them over before you buy one but other than that I'm very pleased with it and will buy one in .44 now. From what I can tell from reading especially at the Marlin Owner's forum the Rossi is the better choice over a new Marlin. Apparently there have been alot of bad Remlins released. Those guys report seeing numerous Remlin lever guns that should not have made it out the door for sale.
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