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I wuz gonna do that. I just kept going and by the time I got to Phoenix. . .well, I stopped.
Great shooting out here.
I hear ya; If I can swing it I might be moving up just over the border in WI. We will see; its getting way too developed up there though not like when I was a kid. Unless you go out into the Styx Southern WI along I94 is more or less like the far Northern or Western suburbs.

Such a tax might face a constitutional challenge. Governments cannot aim a tax specifically on newspapers, though newspapers are subject to general taxes. It's not clear to me how a bullet tax or something similar would fare since it is more indirect in nature. Still, does Chicago want more litigation on this matter?
In Illinois they just passed an additional $1.00 a pack Cigarette tax; They just upped the tax on Soda a year or so ago; they also just signed a "pole tax" on strip clubs too.... constitutional or not they already have MANY taxes here that target specific products.
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