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From the OP: I left out some details for the sake of brevity, so I'll clarify a bit. The area where the incident was happening is partially enclosed by a six foot chain link fence with some tall bushes along the fence. I was hidden from the view of everyone but the tow truck guys. The first thing I saw was their truck with its overhead lights flashing, then I saw the guys in their uniforms and at least one flashlight. By then, I knew what was up, and I left as soon as I heard the remark that sounded as if someone might pull a gun soon. As for the weakness in the legs immediately afterward, I'm positive that it was the adrenalin. I don't have any heart problems. I was careful to stay out of view until I could assess the situation. If there had been an assault going on, I would have not made my presence known until I had a good idea of what I was up against. I still have a lot of my martial arts skills, some of which don't require much strength or conditioning. All that being said, I appreciate the feedback and the support from the group.

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