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Okay, first of all, how do you get the quotes into a box?

Quote: Any modern rifle is reliable, I can't imagine why a 7x57 would be any more reliable than a .270. - What I was trying to say here is modern rifles are to me boring. Some have no kick while the 338mag made me feel like my eyeballs bounced off the back of my skull first time I pulled the trigger. One feels like the next otherwise. I'm hoping to understand anothers point of view on this so maybe I can adopt & enjoy in a different way.

Quote: It has lasted 100 years so far, you are going to wear it out in a decade?

Well, someone already got a good head start with it. As some mentioned, he has a milsurp that looks like it won the war by itself

As for hunting, yea they are heavy but heck, its only for a few days each season. Almost industrious compared to some of the modern ones I have used.

Cost twice as much and rising it seems...smilies arent working here either. Must be Windows 98.

Nice chat!
Have a good one,
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