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...That said, big bore RN lead bullets from a .44 spl, .45 LC or even .45 acp FMJ. are thought to be acceptable SD rounds, but SWC or truncated FP would be a mild improvement.

In shooting jacks, cottontails and coyotes, I've seen a profound difference in effect between RN and SWC bullets. Hits from RN bullets look like fairly clean wounds, hits from SWC loads look bloodshot and bruised around the bullet hole. Jacks once in a while get up and run off after getting hit with a RN bullet in 44 spl, 45 auto or 45 Colt. I shot one coyote with a 45 auto RN, it simply laid down away from the hit. Coyotes hit with 44 SWC loads look like they were hit with a baseball bat at every hit, even peripheral hits. One jack rabbit came apart after a hit with a factory Winchester Lubaloy 357 SWC load. They dont come apart like that when shot with 223 soft point (cottontails are another story entirely, they aren't very durable compared to jacks)

I''m not even a little bit impressed with 45 auto RN loads for field use. I'm truly surprised they have as good a reputation as they do for defensive work. People must be far less tough than jack rabbits and coyotes.

RN bullets are great for shooting small game when you dont want to tear up the meat.
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