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Neither. Get an HK... Or get another kind of gun that you've always wanted. I bought 3 HKs: a USP 45, HK45C, and Mark 23. All excellent. Accurate, reliable, and great feel/ergonomics.

Just because it is a good deal doesn't imply necessity. This may just be an impulsive buy. I'm one to talk, though, I have a whole bunch of guns from revolvers, to 1911s, to striker fired guns in HK, S&W, Glock, Ruger, Colt, Wilson, Sig Sauer, Ed Brown, etc. I shoot for fun but any one can easily be a home defense or plinker. Concealed carry is a smaller pool of firearms.

Kahr has a trigger that you either love or hate. If it is only for the range, then why torture yourself? It's no fun to shoot. Mags are expensive. It IS easy to field strip. It's just not a gun that is a must have, and I've shot many. I don't really care for it, otherwise, I'd own one.

You already have Sig Sauers. What advantage or experience will this give you? I have a few Sig Sauers. A P220 for HD, but it has a conversion barrel. I have a P238 and P938 for concealment. Almost always, I have a P238 in addition to a primary. I also have a Sig 522.

Nickel looks cool but it does crack and chip. That's why I do not own a Nickel Colt Python. They're all in royal blue: 4",6",8".
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