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One of the best .22 rifles I've handled and fired is a "Revelation" I repaired for a friend who'd found it at a yard sale.
The rifle had been found leaning against a tree after being forgotten or lost years before.
The scope was full of water and there was moss inside the bore and in the action, with deep pitting and much of the upper receiver deeply rusted away.

Suprisingly despite the moss and a water line in the bore, the bore cleaned up just fine. The waxy lube of lead bullets had protected the bore.

This rifle appeared to be a redesign of an autoloader.
The bolt body is non rotating, and the bolt handle is part of a rotating sleeve. The bolt remains enclosed by the receiver in operation.

Rather than a striker the action has a hammer such as you'd find with a semi auto. This allows a light crisp positive trigger pull.

Once I dried out and repaired the wood, refinished the exterior, then found a replacement rear sight and mounted a new scope on it, the rifle proved to be remarkably accurate.

IIRC "Revelation" was a store brand of the "Western Auto" chain stores.
I think this rifle may have been made by Mossberg.
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