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IMO it's an Entirely different world than say the day's when one would receive a Sear's Catalog advertising guns to be bought via the Snail Mail just in time for Christmas. Likewise, shooting with friends and family as well as "sharing" of guns with both kin and friends alike was commonplace "back-in-the-day." But like everything else in the chaotic world we live in today, it is no more. As others have stated, unless one is ready to "lawyer-up" for any possible incident from the very slightest (say person borrowing gun is stopped with a burnt-out tail-light and the police run a weapon's check etc...) Though gun-people like us here in the forum look at guns like just another tool and not this potential WMD the media portrays it as, it's not a good idea in The "United States of Litigated-America." Better safe than sorry....
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