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Yes James. It's like teetering on a fence top. Has to be my imagination but as mentioned before, this rifle is begging to get out of the house to explore again. In reality, I would like to use/experience it in action. A modern 7x57 to me wouldn't be much different than a modern 270, only maybe more reliable. I say maybe because I don't use them that often.
Any modern rifle is reliable, I can't imagine why a 7x57 would be any more reliable than a .270.

At my rate of use, this mauser would easily last another decade. So, the mauser can hang on a wall to be forgotten...I don't see that happening. Maybe I have to learn and decide the hard way as I'm sure many people have been down this road with these older guns. I haven't fired this one yet so I'm sill at point A.
It has lasted 100 years so far, you are going to wear it out in a decade?

The 7x57 should be fine for any game in North America, short of a big Bear, but keep in mind that metallurgy and manufacturing techniques have come a really long way in the past ~100 years. Even the cheapest hunting rifle from Wal Mart will most likely be more accurate.

Problems as a hunting rifle are the point of impact at short range I mentioned above, and weight. Most military Mausers are fairly heavy, with long barrels and full stocks.

There are 7mm carbines out there, something like this I think would make a fine hunting rifle:

If I didn't handload, I would probably try a box each of Privi Partisan 139gr sp and S&B 173gr SP and see how they shoot and where the hit, and use the better of the two.

Any US manufacturer probably won't be any better, and will cost twice as much.

And if you really want to mess with people, tell them it is .275 Rigby.
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