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I reload 9 mm quite a bit. I consider it a hobby and not a job. It is nice to something you enjoy. If it saves me money that is fine too. I load 124 FMJ 9 mm for about $6.50 per 50. I can't find any cheap plinking ammo for that price. My ammo, I consider better than the cheap plinking stuff too. It makes it a little harder to put the true cost savings on it. I can easily put out 300 rounds per hour on my press. I guess reloading only saves me around $15 or more for every hour I'm loading 9 mm. I can cut the cost even more by using different bullets or loading other calibers. I figure if I was to just break even loading 9 mm I would still do it. Shopping around for components and buying in bulk will bring the cost to load any caliber down to less than factory ammo. As I have said, It is a hobby.

You might put an ad out to sell the brass you have. As a last resort recycling it is another option.

I have only a couple thousand cases that need filling now and I do have a few cases waiting to be shot. I guess you could say I'm good for the rest of the year.

I guess your friend doesn't care that much for reloading to want to stop loading a caliber that costs the same or less to reload compared to factory ammo.
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