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Received my Mini 30 back yesterday 10/10/2012 @ 5:00 pm.

The invoice states:
New bolt complete and repaired slide.
Repair, Saftey function check and test firing have been completed. Released for shipping.

A second slip of paper (same width as front sheet but, only 2 inches long) was stapled to the back of the invoice stated:

Foreign Ammo
Please be advised that we do not recommend the use of imported ammunition, as it may be corrosive to your rifle. The foreign surplus ammunition may also cause the gun to misfire or mis-feed and in extreme cases can cause the firing pin to break.
We do not recommend the use of steel cased ammunition in the Mini. Steel cased ammunition in any rifle can cause bore damage and the lacquer finish can start coating the chamber causing extraction/ejection problems.

Gave rifle a good cleaning today.

I will be going to the range on Saturday 10/12/2012 to test fire the hell out of this rifle and will update after.
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