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It may be the optics, but the middle round appears crimped a tad much. Both my Speer and Lyman manuals indicate a measurement of 0.0380" at crimp which is about 0.001 less than directly behind the crimp. SAAMI 9mm cartridge drawings indicate the case mouth diameter to be 0.001" less than the case diameter directly behind the case mouth - which equates to very little crimp. After you have done several thousand rounds, you will likely be able "feel" when the mouth expansion has been removed; however, that comes later.

Even though it adds time with my single stage press, I set bullets and crimp in separate steps - even bought an additional RCBS die to use just for crimping (I call it call it my “set and forget” treat).

I also prefer the 124 grain bullets over the 115 grain. With 115 grain Berrys plated round nose, my best groups were achieved with Power Pistol, second best with Unique and for some strange reason my pistol didn’t seem to like W231 as well as the first two. I've also gotten excellent results with V-N320 and V-N340, but the powder is harder to find (think mail order and Hazmat fees).

With two different 124 grain Berrys, HBFP and HBRNTP, all three powders worked well for groups, but the groups were above the point of aim (common with a heavier pistol bullet). My Power Pistol loads have higher velocity and recoil. Loads with W231 and V-N320 are low velocity, low recoil target loads. My Unique and V-N340 are in between the heavy duty Power Pistol and light weight target loads. Just worked out that way with my pistols.

Primers I use are CCI, Wolf and Tula. I really haven’t seen much difference between the Wolf and Tula; I think they are both made in the same plant in Russia. There does appear to be a difference between these two and the CCI. With my pistol, the best groups with the CCI primers had about 0.2 grains less W231 powder than the Wolf and Tula primers with similar group sizes.
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