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Years ago I bought a Savage .22 autoloader on sale dirt cheap. The autoloader turned out to be defective so I took it back to the store to exchange it.
They had sold out of the autoloaders so they offered me a Savage bolt action instead for the same low price.
It turned out to be one of the last they had on hand that had the older style adjustable trigger without the trigger safety they seem to put on all of these now days. Also when unpacking it I found a scope under one of the cardboard spacers, so I got a free scope as well.

The action of this Savage looks like that of the Savage Anschutz, but IIRC the Anschutz has a lefthand lug as well as the bolt root lug of my cheaper model.

Its hard to see how any rifle could be more accurate than my Savage, its so accurate and easy to shoot that theres really no challenge to hitting whatever I aim at within the practical range of the .22 RF.
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