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Interesting t that you said she should not have been hit as she was and yet you didn't even realize her actual size OR that she was injured. You shot an animal smaller than what you thought it was.
I fail to see how mis-judging the size has much to do with the fact that she was hit lengthwise instead of quartering or broadside as is taught in hunter's ed text books.

You have assumed the hunter did everything wrong with hunting this animal without you being present. The doe could have been hit via a through and through of another deer. and the hunter not even know.
that should also fall under the previous shooters responsibility as the 4th rule of firearms safety is to be sure of your target and everything beyond. if you have a deer standing directly behind the one you intend to shoot then you need to wait for one of them to move. anyone that has ever hunted knows that there is always a chance of a through and through, that is just common sense talking.
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