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There may have been a blood trail and it may have been quite limited as well. Keep in mind that the doe was not even injured to a point where you realized it was injured.

Interesting t that you said she should not have been hit as she was and yet you didn't even realize her actual size OR that she was injured. You shot an animal smaller than what you thought it was.

You have assumed the hunter did everything wrong with hunting this animal without you being present. The doe could have been hit via a through and through of another deer. and the hunter not even know.

DNS pretty well summed up my thoughts as well. Hard to believe one could watch a small doe with "2 legs blasted off" and after waiting patiently for her to give the perfect quartering away shot, not realize she was missing half her lower extremities until she was being prepared for field dressing. Could be the original shooter thought the same. Only thing I would add is that maybe the first shooter knew he had a poor hit and was giving it more time to bleed out and "stiffen up" before pushing it. Any time I do not see a deer go down and have any doubts about my shot placement I'll wait an hour....minimum. I'd bet just as many deer are lost because they are trailed too early and then jumped and the blood trail lost as there are deer lost because folks didn't bother to track them at all. Many gun hunters really never learn decent tracking skills. Between the bang-flops and easy blood trails due to efficient expanding bullets, deer shot at without leaving very obvious sign is many times considered a miss. I couldn't count on both my hands the number of times I have heard a family member or hunting partner shoot, walk over to hear them claim they missed and then walk down the trail another 50 yards and find a blood trail a blind man could follow. It had nuttin' to do with being unethical or lazy, but the assumption that without obvious blood or reaction, the shot missed.
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