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Only addition I'd make other than a safety suited to the scope mounting, is the one piece firing pin conversion.

Rarely if a primer is pierced gas going back into the firing pin opening in the bolt face can drive the firing pin back hard enough to break off the front piece of the two piece firing pin, and the shaft and cocking piece can then be driven out the rear of the bolt endangering the shooter's aiming eye.

A rare occurance, but something that can be avoided almost entirely by converting to a one piece firing pin.

Avoid dry firing a rifle that has a two piece firing pin, the connecting lugs can crack after repeating dry firing.

Contary to popular belief almost any rifle action can be damaged by repeated dryfiring.

I've always liked the looks of a properly done 1903 Springfield sporter. Finding one of these with so much work already done, and apparently done well, is a good find.
Room for improvement, but fine as is.
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