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With ARs I run a bore snake thru them after a range trip. Then if I'm shooting on a regular basis, every month or so, I'll generally clean them after every couple of range trips. I usually fire 200 to 400 rds per outing for 223 and 40 to 100 rds of 308 per trip. I used to be one of the "clean it every time you shoot it" guys. But with today's metals and coatings they really don't need to be cleaned every trip out, unless your using corrosive ammo. I do take out the BCG and oil them up before each shooting.

With my 1911s I do usually do a light cleaning after every trip as these are my EDC and home defense go to guns. After a couple of range trips, I break out the spray cleaners, Hoppe's, patches, all the cleaning gear, and give them a full cleaning. But I only field strip them, I don't do a complete strip down to the frame. With spray cleaners there's no reason to do a complete tear down, IMO. You can do more damage than good tearing them down all the time. YMMV
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