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Anyone A Big Fan Of The .22 Magnum?

For some reason the .22 magnum cartridge has me intrigued. I thought about one of the PMR-30s some time back, but of course they are nearly impossible to come across. Then I started thinking, "If I am going to look at buying a .22 Magnum gun, why not get a revolver?". I think the PMR-30 will eventually be able to be had cheap and will sell cheaper on the used market. However, something like a S&W mode 48 might be a little pricey now, but it will retain much of its value or even go up in value over the years.

I've sold some guns lately and have set that money back for a rainy day, but now I'm wanting to save some money and pick up a nice model 18 or something like the model 48 sometime in the future.

So, my question to you folks is what double action revolvers, old or new, are out there that are worthy of taking a look at? I know there are single actions out there, but I think I want a double action.
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