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One of the reasons I police the ranges is that I always find at least half a dozen LIVE rounds of .22 LR (and sometimes one or two in other chamberings) which go in the "Dud" can. That's just a safety issue for me. I pick up anything that's brass but do get a steel case every now and then. A magnet takes care of those ones.

I do have the 9mm combo of a S&W 459/Marlin Camp 9 which share chambering and magazines. OK, the smaller Marlin mag will not work in the Smith, but the Smith mags work in the Camp 9. Still, I already have at least 1 K of 9mm on the shelf and don't shoot it that much so I don't feel the need to reload this chambering.

Maybe if I had started casting bullets I would reload the 9, but I blew it big time about two years ago. I scrapped 700# of lead at 50 cents a pound....(head thumping on table...)
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