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I guess if you only fired a few boxes a year, then it's probably not worth it. Otherwise, if you're a reloader, then you might as well.

I already have the primers and powder in to start reloading 9mm was just the cost of dies and $90 to $100 for 1,000 projectiles. I use the same bullets in the .38 Super, so I'm drawing from the same stock of projectiles. I have no idea how many of that 1,000 will end up as .38 Super or 9mm when I buy them, of course!

My reloads are $7.50 per 50, so I've already made the price of dies back in the 2k or 3k rounds of 9mm I've reloaded in the last couple of years.

I like to shoot a variety of calibers, so reloading makes sense. If I spend $200 for powder and primers, then I can use that stockpile on any caliber I choose to shoot. If I spend $200 on 9mm, then all I get is $200 worth of 9mm.

Point is...if I'm going to shoot a caliber a lot, then I'd rather take the money and buy components instead. They're more versatille.
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