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What do you guys do with 9mm brass?

When I go to the range, I police the brass. I've noticed that there's a lot of 9mm brass around, and it seems like a lot of guys don't even bother picking it up. I've talked to a friend about the economics of reloading it, and he told me that when he runs out of components he's not going to even bother with it as the time and effort to reload the 9mm Luger is not worth the cost savings over just buying more.

Anyhow, I have over 23# of 9mm brass that he doesn't want and I'm not really interested in reloading it at this point either. So the question is this: What do you guys do with 9mm brass if you're not going to reload it? Scrap it, trade it, prep it and just leave it in a bucket (just in case...)?

I also have a fair bit of .40 S&W brass but I don't have anything chambered in this round. For now I'm just putting it aside in case I ever do get a pistol that shoots it...
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