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I'm not seeing how "skeering off' guys in push-up bras selling meat out of truck relates to the OP scenario
Years ago, I was a bouncer in a rough bar. I was in the apt upstairs and heard some glass breaking. I go down to look see a guy attempting to get into the bar. He was cut up a bit, told me his buddy was gonna get me from behind. Both went to jail, I had no gun on me.

Another incident at the bar: 2 guys trying to sell some drugs, I walk em both out th efront door, one turns and empties his .25 at me, all missed tho. Both were arrested.

Another time I was escorting a gent out, his brother stabbed me in my neck. Right over my spine, missed the important stuff by a very small margin.

Another time I was out back of the bar breaking up a fight, some dude shot me in my left shoulder, still got pieces in me.

Soooo, what you done?

Constantine, I am doing well these days other than th ehigh cost of feed for me cows and cant get em in to butcher till janurary
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