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"Pistol Grip a real combat shotgun....

No, it's the worst possible choice in stocks for combat shotguns.

And it's not just me that thinks so.

No major shooting school teaches PGO classes.

Clint Smith will teach you to run any shotgun, including single shots, effectively. Exception, PGOs.

Sole use of PGOs by our Military and Police agencies is as breaching tools, not anti-personnel weapons.

As for my experience, I was paid to shoot shotguns with folded stocks from the hip and to teach hundreds of others to do likewise. NONE of us shot as well with the folder.

Finally, here's the challenge I've been issuing here and elsewhere for more than a decade with ZERO takers.

We'll shoot your course of fire.

Your choice of distance,ammo and conditions.

You may use any PGO you want, with any accessories, from belt feed to lasers to optics.

I will use one of my unfancy and well worn 870s.

Results will be published right here and on THR.

The ball's in your court.....
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