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I'm sorry but I have not used the scope in low light yet . The range I go to is out doors and I've only been there while the sun was out . I'm in San Diego so the sun is always out I've played around looking through the scope around dusk and at night . Although the light is good it is not great for sure . You may want to consider getting the Oversized 50mm lens . Tasco does make a 3-9x50 world class scope

As for needing more magnification . Your right , the range I go to has targets at 300 yards . With the tasco 3-9x40 I have no problem seeing the target at 300 yards . I shot a 3 1/2 " three shot group at 300 yards so it is plenty of scope . If and or when I go hunting I now know that scope will be fine . It's also not likely I'll be trying to take down any game any farther then that .
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