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I also like WST in 45 and 9mm but am having trouble finding data for 38 spcl.
I had to look up where I got the .38 special load data from. What I did is use W231 data minus 0.2 grains of powder and worked up slowly. Once I got accurate rounds I looked for how clean it burned. I added 0.1grains more powder and got accurate plus clean burning. I was using AA2 before getting this load. Now I have finally finished all the AA2 ammo and only keep that information in my reloading book. WST only for me in .38 specials as long as I have the powder to load with. I figured since I shoot from a .357 mag., I had room to play with if I started to run them on the hot side. Hot .38 specials tend to be not as accurate as slower rounds are in my opinion.
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