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I voted for like through experience, but it's a little more complex than that. I have a Taurus PT92AF that I bought in maybe 199? Early 90's anyway, It has been a fantastic postol, I have fired thousands of rounds through it, and it looks it. It is every bit as accurate and dependable as my Beretta 92, and M9.

I bought a Taurus 44 magnum a few years ago because I thought my 1990 Redhawk needed to be replaced, I never got that new Taurus to shoot as good as my bone stock Ruger Redhawk. I wound up trading it off, I'm just glad I kept the old Ruger.

2 Other Taurus pistols I have owned were also very good, I didn't like the calibers I chose, so I did wind up trading them off, but I can't say it was because of the brand. My only bad experience with Taurus was the 8" .44 mag.
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