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Cap and ball

I'm brand new to this forum ( and a gun novice ) so please thread easy on me. Haha my grandfather left my dad an assortment of guns and I told him I would try and find out a little about each, as I could. It appears you folks are very knowledgable and willing to help so Ill give the first one a shot. The first revolver I think is a muzzle loading revolver, cap and ball, .44 caliber. The marking says Samuel Colt and I was wondering:

1. What the No. 15133 means
2. Is the Pat. Marking a patent number ?
3. Are they worth anything ? I know it was given to my grandfather by a Mr. Belmont Mosser of St. Marys Pa. ( who was president of Kiwanis Int. ) and used by a Col. Shipley in the Civil War. My dad has all of the guns so I don't have a picture of it yet. Any information on this type of gun would be appreciated. Thank you.
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