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PBRKTRT: Correction, the Garand my father in-law has is not a CMP, but is a pretty good shooter nonetheless. Emcon5, to answer your question [Wistful, long-suffering sigh]: 1958 Plymouth Fury, better known as "Christine". Read the book back in 1983. Saw the car for the first time when I saw the movie just after that. I recall my mouth falling open in stupefied wonder. Love at first sight, and I walked out of that theater a forever changed kid. Alas, I've since found that the dreams of youth are often drowned in the arctic waters of reality. My reach exceeds my grasp; finding, affording, and buying classic cars in 100% condition is a rich man's game...and I'm in full-time LE, so obviously I'll never be in THAT category. Ergo, buying a dream gun is much more within the realm of possibility. Well, my realm of possibility anyway....
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