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The grip ergos pretty much "copy" the Browning High Power

Other than being totally different, they are almost the same.
Hmmmm, let's see. Steel frame with separate grip panels, to accommodate hi-cap 9mm mag? Yep. Tilting barrel lock-up, with radial lugs? Yep. "Browning" lower lock-up on slide stop pin? Yep. Thumb safety at rear of frame, allowing cocked-n-locked carry? Yep.
I'm looking for things on the two guns that AREN'T almost the same, and can find only the trigger action to separate them? Just what about them is "totally different"?
Really, I can't think of two guns that could be more alike, but still be different? Well, OK, the S&W Sigma is pretty much a copy of the Glock, but beyond that?
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